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The Academy is proud to support our partners:



MDM shoes are required for ballet (except pointe and character), jazz and contemporary as part of the Academy uniform. MDM shoes are incredibly supportive which helps correct posture and alignment of the feet and body. The technology of the shoe will help our younger students get a great start in dance and help our senior students reduce injury and strain.


MDM is owned by ex Australian Ballet Principal Ballerina Simone Goldsmith and her partner and former performer at the Sydney Dance Company Tim Heathcote. They have been working for the past 5 years to develop a new range of ballet and jazz shoe. Each shoe contains a Dance Base Support that is designed to support the heel and arch, and to offer optimal assistance to the foot when working or resting. They also contain a Reflex Contour which is a responsive stretch panel that’s built into the mid-section of the shoe. It allows the shoe to dynamically expand and contract with the dancer's foot, while maintaining fit and aesthetics at all times.


As part of our collaboration with MDM, Academy students receive 20% discount on all shoes. MDM shoes are not available for purchase on this website, but through the MDM website.


Finetune Physio

Phillipa at Finetune Physio manages all of The Academy's physiotherapy requirements. All students who are transitioning en pointe will require a full assessment by Phillipa before being fitted for pointe shoes. In addition, Phillipa works with students as part of rehabilitation if any student has an injury or strain.


Dance Photography by Belinda

Belinda Strodder is a celebrated dance photographer (winner: 2014 Victorian Dance Photographer - Vic Dance Awards) who has worked with The Academy for the past 10 years. Belinda manages all photography at The Academy, taking stage and studio shots of students performing in the end of year concert. These photos are available through her website after the concert. Please note that Belinda operates as a third party service and The Academy does not manage photo sales to parents - all enquiries should be submitted to Belinda through her website.