Our Programs

The Academy provides dance training to all ages from 2 and up. These are done through specific programs that have been developed by our education specialists for each age group.



Within each program there are a number of opportunities depending on interest and experience. To learn more about each of the programs we offer, please click on one of the above or see below.


Dance Stars

Dance Stars is our kindergarten program. With three years available (Age 2, Age 3 and Age 4), each year has a syllabus specifically developed for the needs of that particular age. Whether it's introducing music and rhythm, movement, or social skills such as waiting turns, dancing in a group, or leadership (helping new students learn). More information about Dance Magic can be found here.


The Academy

The Academy has been in operation since 1989. Our main school which covers all school-age children in the study of ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop, contemporary or musical theatre (DanceSingAct). Our syllabus classes of ballet, tap and jazz are through Australian Dance Vision (the ballet component co-authored by The Academy's Principal, Nathaniel Lamond). To learn more about each of the dance disciplines, please click here.


Academy Performance Team

The Academy has two troupes that represent the school at a number of charity events and competitions throughout the year - Junior Performance Team (Age 9-12) and Senior Performance Team (Age 12-16). This is a great opportunity for students at The Academy to perform in a variety of settings and work hard in a strong team environment. To learn more about the Academy Performance Teams or to arrange an audition, please click here.



At The Academy, we provide our students with a career path, for those who want to continue on to use their dance study in a professional capacity, whether Dance Performance, Dance Teaching or a complementary field of study, such as Nutrition or Physiotherapy. While we appreciate that only a small percentage of our students will go on to have a professional career in dance, we offer mentoring to all our students as they progress through The Academy to help them identify their skills and interests in dance. We have a number of students who started with us when they were 3 and have gone right through The Academy and have graduated and become teachers or performers. There are also a large number who have graduated and gone on to have careers outside of dance, but still dance at The Academy.


In the following years, The Academy will be expanding to include full time study programs in Dance Performance and Dance Teaching as well as launching a Dance Company - this will provide a continuous journey of dance education and into a career in the dance industry.