Academy Performance Team


The Academy participates in a number of events and competitions during the year, including Dance Cancer Initiative, Beachside, Phoenix Festival and end of year events. We have developed this rounded program to provide students with other opportunities to perform in addition to our concerts at The National Theatre. These performance opportunities are carefully selected that are a mix of community and fundraising events (ie Dance Cancer Initative) with competitions that are of a high standard but focus on participation, rather than being fiercely competitive.


The Academy is represented by its Academy Performance Teams (troupe). There is a Junior Performance Team (Blue levels), an Intermediate Performance Team (Green levels) and a Senior Performance Team (Grey levels). The Performance Team rehearse on Friday afternoons at The Academy (Junior Performance Team is 4-5pm and the Intermediate and Senior Performance Team rehearse 5-6.30pm).


Students will rehearse a new dance each term into their repertoire. Aside from the Thursday rehearsal class, there is no additional cost for the Academy Performance Team – costume hire costs and competition/event entry fees are absorbed by The Academy.


Competition solos

All Performance Team members are eligible to do solo entries in the competitions that The Academy participates in - however, they must be first approved by the Principal or Performance Team Coordinator, to ensure they have the required skills to undertake the level and style of competition dance.


Please note that while The Academy will provide a approved soloist the costume at no charge and cover the competition entry fee, solo routines will NOT be practiced in the Academy Performance Team classes (that class is reserved for troupe routines only). Students wanting to do a solo routine must arrange with the Performance Team Coordinator to undertake at least 4 hours of private lessons to be taught the routine and refine it.



The Academy Performance Team welcomes any student of The Academy to audition. Students must be taking a ballet class and one other class to audition (jazz and tap students must take both syllabus and concert/repertoire classes) and must be available on Thursday afternoons (2016) to rehearse and build their performance repertoire. For this reason, the student must be committed to the Performance Team to be able to participate (it’s only fair for other memebers)


If you are interested in auditioning, please speak with your teacher.