Dance Stars


Dance Stars is a dance foundation program specifically designed for kindergarten children aged 2-5 years. Developed from 'best practice' methodologies in early childhood development, the program teaches the foundations of dance through:


  • Technical skills: Basic movement such as running, walking, hopping, galloping, swaying, balancing, rolling, stretching and curling
  • Creativitiy/Imagination: Telling a story through movement and how animals/people/objects move in different ways
  • Music/Rhythm: Timing and beats of music, and how the mood of music changes the way in which we dance
  • Social skills: The basic rules of working in a group, such as following in a line, making and staying in a circle, not talking when music is playing, and taking turns


There are three levels of Dance Stars:



Dance Stars - Year 1

The first year of Dance Stars is for two year olds and provides a basic introduction of dance through games, singing and activities. Parents participate in the class to provide students with a safe and comfortable environment for them to gain confidence. In addition to learning some key foundations of dance, students learn the role of themselves and the teacher in a class environment.


Dance Stars - Year 2

The second year of Dance Stars we teach kindergarten students. Each term contains different learning outcomes, music and activities to keep students engaged and interested in the learning journey. At the end of the year (usually first Sunday in December), students participate in a small concert in the top hall attached to The Academy. A 30 minute concert is their first introduction to performing on a stage in costume - by doing this at The Academy, they feel confident in the space.


Dance Stars - Year 3

For students who are in 4 year old kinder, the Year 3 Dance Stars program is an extension of Year 2 and provides a great transition period from kinder dance into The Academy (which they will start in Prep). Different dance styles are introducted to the students so they can pursue a style of dance they have an affinity with. In addition to the technical skills, students are also taught more high level social skills as mentoring and assisting with new students who are starting the program. Students also participate in the end of year Dance Stars concert in the top hall at The Academy.