Throughout its history, Jazz dance has developed in parallel to modern music. It is the embodiment of modern culture and expression and along with tap dancing, it is the dance base of practically every musical theatre show around the world.


The Academy has an exciting jazz program that provides opportunities for students to perform on stage at competitions and festivals through its Academy Performance Team. While younger students do one jazz class per week, students from Level 3 and up do two classes a week, one technique class, and one concert/repertoire class. The two classes are required because at the senior levels, the jazz syllabus becomes much more involved and there is simply not enough time in a one hour class to teach all the required jazz syllabus as well as teach concert work and other required elements of the syllabus (such as body science and history).


Level 3 and up students MUST do both the technique class and the concert/repertoire class to be able to participate in the Academy concerts, or be part of the Academy Performance Team.