Tap dance has its roots in African/Irish culture and started in the mid 1800s through minstrel shows and then vaudeville. There are two main styles of tap - Broadway tap (used in musical theatre) and rhythm tap (part of the jazz tradition).


Along with ballet and jazz, tap is a syllabus program we provide at The Academy. It is a very complex method of dance, but also one of the most rewarding. Like our jazz program, our tap dancers are provided a number of opportunities to perform in competitions and charity events through our Academy Performance Team. While younger students do one tap class per week, students from Level 3 and up do two classes a week, one technique class, and one concert/repertoire class. The two classes are required because at the senior levels, the tap syllabus becomes much more involved and there is simply not enough time in a one hour class to teach all the required tap syllabus as well as teach concert work and other required elements of the syllabus (such as body science and history).


Level 3 and up students MUST do both the technique class and the concert/repertoire class to be able to participate in the Academy concerts, or be part of the Academy Performance Team.