The following is the Academy Fee Structure (including Dance Stars). Please note these fees are for classes. Costume hire for concerts, workbooks, DVDs and other costs are additional:


30 min class - $155 per term

60 min class - $195 per term

90 min class - $292.50 per term

DanceSingAct Green/Grey - $390 per term (must also enrol in Jazz)

DanceSingAct Blue - $490 per term (recommended also enrol in Jazz)

DanceSingAct Pink - $390 per term (Jazz training included)

Dance Stars - $175 per term


3 or 4 classes - 5% off total term fee

5 or 6 classes - 10% off total term fee

7 classes - 15% off total term fee

8 classes or more - FREE (after 7 classes are paid, additional classes are free)


Please note that discounts are based on classes, not hours. While we have some classes at 1.5 hours (counts as one class), others are only 30 minutes (also counts as one class).


Each additional sibling at The Academy receives 10% off their term fee.


We use EziDebit as our payment gateway, with customers registering either a credit card or bank account for payment. Please view the 2020 EziDebit set up and transaction fees here