Terms and conditions


The following Terms and Conditions are applicable to all customers of the Australian Academy of Dance (including those of our in-school programs at Lauriston and Korowa):



All students require an enrolment form to be completed to secure their position in a class. For Academy students (including Dance Magic and Korowa students), this is the Academy Enrolment Form (click here). For our in-school program at Lauriston, please use your school's enrolment form.


The enrolment is valid for a full calendar year and is only completed once before Term 1 (or when commencing for people joining throughout the year). Once a student is enroled in a class (or a number of classes), there is no need to re-enrol until the next calendar year.


Payment details must be supplied to The Academy (you will be emailed with a secure link to lodge these details). Enrolment will not be considered complete until these details are submitted and the student will not be confirmed their class/classes.


Mid-term enrolments are required to pay the remaining balance of the term and then choose whether to pay the remaining year upfront (5% discount applies) or sign the Term-By-Term agreement.


Discontinuation of enrolment MUST be in writing to The Academy and at least 30 days notice supplied (this is a requirement of our direct debit facility, EziDebit).


Once a term has commenced, half a term’s fee is payable in lieu of notice or remaining weeks (after the 30 days notice), whichever is the lesser amount.



All classes missed (including those due to public holidays and performance rehearsals) may be made up in another class of any style. Please check with your teacher as to which class(es) would be most appropriate.


Classes must be made up within the term that they were missed. They cannot be carried over into the next term. Consideration will be given to special circumstances.



Fees are calculated per term by the number of classes, minus any applicable discounts. For example, a student who is doing 3 ballet classes and has an older sibling at the school, the cost per term would be: $170 x 3 x 0.9 x 0.9 = $413.10


If you are in financial difficulty, you can speak to the principal of The Academy who will work with you to establish a payment plan and/or review enroled classes to assist.


Students are NOT permitted to take part in unpaid classes, performances or competitions if there are term fees outstanding.


Failure to communicate with The Academy in regards to outstanding accounts may result in your account being referred to a debt collection agency.



Payment is to be made before students commence their classes. The Academy accepts the following payment methods:


1. A term-by-term payment which is processed on Day 1 of each term. This is registered on the enrolment form through either bank details or credit card details. The Academy uses EziDebit to process these payments. Note that only four payments are taken per year (one for each term).

2. An upfront yearly payment with credit card or electronic funds transfer into the Academy bank account.


Cheques and cash are not accepted for term payments. However, cheques and cash are accepted for additional expenses such as uniform or costume hire.



Customer details are stored on DanceBiz, our computer program we use to manage classes and customers. While we may contact a current customer to remind them to re-enrol for the next year, this information is confidential and will not be provided to any other agency unless required to by law.

Students may be photographed or filmed for the purpose of promoting the Academy, communicating Academy projects or in Academy educational material. These photographs/videos remain the property of the Academy and they will not be sold, traded or given to any third party without the students’ parents’ prior approval. It is a condition of enrolment that you provide approval for your child to be photographed/filmed. All other requests will be submitted to the parents in writing (for example, our charity we fundraise for, Dance Cancer Initiative, may request photos to be used to promote an event.


Good behaviour of students

The Academy wants all students to have a safe and enjoyable experience while at the school, however we reserve the right to terminate an enrolment of a student (or that student's parent/guardian) without notice for behaviour that is in the form of verbal abuse, intimidation, descrimination, harassment, extortion or threats (physical or other acts of unacceptable behaviour) toward other students, other parents, teachers or employees of The Academy.