Events / Term Dates


The following details all upcoming events and performances throughout the year at The Academy. Please subscribe to our calendar to keep up to date with these events - you can also click an event below for more information.



2018 Program at The Academy

DanceSingAct Concert (17-18 November, Gasworks Theatre)
Guys and Dolls JR. follows New Yorker Nathan Detroit as he tries to find the cash to set up the biggest crap game in town while the authorities breathe down his neck
Dance Stars Concert - The Enchanted Garden (2 December, Australian Academy of Dance)
This year's concert stars all your heroes from fairy tales - Snow White, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid among many other favourites. Come and join us as we walk through the pages of some of the most iconic fairy tales of all time.
Academy end of Year Concert (13-14 December, The National Theatre)
Act I (Ballet) Swan Lake, Act II (All other styles) Dance Through the Ages. The end of year concert brings together all students at The Academy at The National Theatre to round off the year in spectacular fashion.


2019 Program at The Academy

Holiday Program (2018 Dates: 22-25 Jan, 9-13 Apr, 9-13 July, 1-5 Oct, Australian Academy of Dance)
The Academy Holiday Program is a great way to try all The Academy has too offer over four days - ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hiphop, acro, theatre. Whether you want to do half a day, a full day, or all four days, you're welcome to come along and try (you can also bring a friend too).
Academy Midyear Concert (2 June, The National Theatre)
The midyear performance showcases what the students have learned since the start of the year. Run as a gala performance (a mix of different styles), the mid year concert shows off all that we do: ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hiphop, and music theatre.
Dance Stars - Watching Day (25-29 June, Australian Academy of Dance)
Come and see what your little one has been learning since the start of the year in their Dance Stars class. Two people per student are welcome to sit in each of our Dance Stars classes.
Academy Assessments (26-31 August, Australian Academy of Dance)
Assessments are run every year at The Academy in Ballet, Jazz and Tap through an external assessor. They are a very important way for you and your child to see their progression as they work through their dance syllabus.