Academy Midyear concert


The mid year concert is our first performance opportunity of the year and is a variety style show. This is a great opportunity to showcase the students achievements from term 1 and 2 as well as giving the students stage and performing in preparation for assessments and the end of year production.


We assume that everyone is participating in the mid year concert. If your child cannot make it or is not participating, please contact the office immediately on 9569 3009 or as this will affect choreography and costume preparations.


Please see below a schedule for the day



12.30pmLevel 3 and older students sign in (stage door)
1.00pmLevel 2 and younger students sign in (stage door)
2.00pmSHOW 1 start time
3.30pm (approx)Interval
 SHOW 1 only students to sign out (loading dock)
 SHOW 2 only students to sign in (stage door)
4.15pm (approx)Act II start time
5.30pm (approx)SHOW 2 concludes and remaining students sign out (Pink and Blue Levels in Auditorium, ALL OTHER students via stage door)


Stage door is the set of stairs on the right hand side (at the back of the theatre) when dropping off at the theatre. Loading dock is the set of stairs on the left hand side (at the back of the theatre) when picking up act 1 only performers at interval


Important information & Links

The whole Academy performs at the midyear concert - for this reason, students are ONLY allowed backstage for the Act they are performing in. They can watch the other Act from the audience with you (you'll require a ticket for them unless they are little enough that they can sit on your lap). If they are in both Acts, they can remain backstage.


It's strongly recommended you download/read the PDF on the left side of this page which contains all the information you need for the concert in one document - for hair and makeup tutorials, please view our Concert Support Tools in the top menu under Events.


Concert Information (printable version)
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Runsheet / DVD Order Form
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