About the assessments

The Academy offers a unique and friendly assessment program for Classical ballet, Jazz and Tap through the Australian Dance Institute (for all students from Beginner Level). The program is designed to create a safe environment for students to perform at their most optimum levels. It has proved to build self esteem and confidence in students.


The curriculum covers a wide range of dance subjects including not only technique but also anatomy, nutrition, history, performance skills, creative dance, mime and improvisation, music appreciation and industry knowledge. Students become articulate and skilled pre-professionals.


The syllabus is provided through a registered training organistaion that delivers vocational qualifications in dance training. Which means that grades can count towards professional qualifications which in turn can articulate into higher education.


Assessments are held annually in Term 3 with an external assessor and apart from giving the students drive and focus in their training, it is also a great feedback tool for parents, students and teachers to have confidence that the standard of teaching is of a high national standard.


Australian Dance Institute (ADI)

The ADi assessments are designed to encourage students to strive for excellence within their level of ability and to focus on the concept of growth and overall development rather than comparing one student with another.


Students do the assessments in groups, with a maximum number of 6 in a group up to Level 6. Major levels have a maximum of 4 in a group.


Students are assessed against learning outcomes and performance criteria within the modules and compared against national competency standards within a national competency framework. Developmental assessment provides a broader and fairer perspective on student growth.


The programme allows teachers to be part of the assessment process (approximately 15%) and have a direct input to the assessment of their students via weekly attitude reports.


Level 3 students up have their own learning strategies and parents are strongly encouraged to look at these as these have all the work required for the assessment. Beginners to Level 2 will be given a list of work to be covered. Parents and students are welcome to have a look at The Academy’s copy of the learning strategies in regards to the assessment criteria.


On the day

On arrival the student should welcome the assessor. The assessor will endeavour to put the candidate at ease and allow the assessment to be stress free and a valuable learning experience.


The student will have every opportunity and assistance to demonstrate their ability and understanding of the subject.


Questions are asked during the assessment - up to Level 2 the teacher will ask the questions and from Level 3 up the assessor will ask the questions.


The class teacher will conduct the assessment.


Communication Session

From Level 6 and up, a communication session follows the assessment to help guide the student in terms of a career path. Facilitated by an ADi assessor or other industry professional and followed by an interactive discussion) 1/2 hr in duration.


The career advice session is an important part of the assessment programme. The purpose is to give career advice to the dance students, give students an opportunity to ask questions in a friendly environment and to gain information regarding the dance industry.


Note: Students should prepare written questions relevant to their career plans. This is to be prepared with assistance from the teacher.