Dance Stars watching day


In the last week of Term 2 at The Academy, we have a Watching Week for all our Dance Stars students. The purpose of the week is to show parents and grandparents what our students have been learning since the start of the year, both in terms of the technical aspects, but also what social skills they have learned. Watching Day is also a good opportunity for friends of the family interested in starting at The Academy to see what the Dance Stars classes are all about.


What you will see at Watching Day

Students will go through their exercises and dances which will include:

- Welcome song and entrance

- Warm up and stretch

- Foundation exercise (examples include jack-in-the-box, side gallops and fairy and elf ballet)

- Formation exercise (examples includes parachute and skipping, demi runs and butterfly arms)

- Listening and rhythm (examples include busking monkeys and hickory dickory dock)

- Action song (examples include bean bag bop and kangaroos like to hop)

- Imagination (examples include wind up dancer and growing seeds)

- Feature routine (examples include She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain and Rockin' Robin)

- Goodbye


You do not need to book in or purchase tickets, just come along in the week and enjoy the class!