Dance Stars concert


This year's concert takes place under the big top - come and see the colourful performers of the circus. On the day we will be running four concerts. Students will be performing in one show only (more information about which concert each student is performing in will be provided closer to the date.


Tickets: Tickets are $20 each which covers theatre hire, audio/visual hire and paying our teachers. Please note toddlers and babies to be nursed on laps do not need to purchase a ticket.


Costumes: Costumes will be supplied for the Dance Stars concert. The cost to hire (including dry cleaning) is $35 per child. Costume hire is due week 1 of term 4. This will need to be processed before this time to confirm your child's place in the concert.


On the day: Parents are to drop off their Dance Stars students to The Academy studio 15 minutes before their concert time i.e.11.45am call for a 12pm show. Please take your child to their class's allocated area. There they will be met by their class helper who will assist in costuming and backstage activities. Once your child is dropped off, please make your way to the auditorium and enjoy!


Professional Photos will be taken backstage by Belinda on the day and photos will be available for purchase through her website afterward


Professional filming of the production will also occur - digital videos can be purchased with tickets online ($30 each) or using our order form.


Volunteers: We will be asking parents to volunteer as backstage class helpers - we will require one parent per class. Class helpers will still be able to watch their little one when performing. If you're interested in being a volunteer, you can register with our staff at the front desk, or you can email us at


Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about the concert.