Makeup requirements


On stage, makeup is a crucial part of a dancer's outfit. It counters the effect of stage lighting and distance to ensure audiences can see their face clearly. Stage makeup is not just for girls - boys also need to apply makeup for the same reasons, though boys makeup is more muted.


The Academy uses special stage makeup that is designed to work best under stage lighting and is suitable for children's skin.


Purchasing makeup at The Academy

We have developed specific packs for each of the students' colour groups - Pink, Blue, Green and Grey - as well as two packs for the Junior boys and Senior Ballet boys. To keep costs down, each makeup pack is an extension of the previous pack. For example, if you have purchased the Pink Level Makeup Pack, do you not need to purchase the Blue Level Makeup Pack - you just need to purchase the few additional items required. Details of the makeup required is under the specific level information on the left hand side of the page.


The makeup is a great investment - it works out to be approximately $14 per concert (and we suggest that you make it 'special' so it's only used for the concert).


The importance of proper application

While it's important to have proper makeup, applying it correctly is essential to have maximum effect on stage. For both boys and girls, always start with a clean, moisturised and dry face before applying makeup (older boys should also be clean-shaven).


We have developed application tutorials for each of the levels. Use the navigation on the left to find what you require.


Price and structure of makeup kits - Girls


Price and structure of makeup kits - Boys