Boys Makeup - Majors Ballet

Boys Makeup Kit - Majors Ballet

• Brushes
• Blend series foundation
• Matte loose powder
• Pressed matte eyeshadow
• Eyeliner
• Mascara
• Eyebrow pencil
• Matte pressed blush
• Professional Lipstick - Soft blush


Preparation: Start with a clean, moisturised and dry face - this will help makeup sit smoothly and evenly on the face

Foundation: Using a sponge, apply foundation to the face. Blend the foundation under the chin and onto the neck as well as around ears and up to hairline.

Matte Loose Powder: Take your large fluffy brush and dip it into the powder (tap the brush over the container to remove excess). Using light movements, dust your face starting with the forehead and nose and moving out toward the edges of your face. Ensure you lightly dust your eyelids and ears.

Eyeshadow: Using your eyeshadow brush (the second smallest one), start at the inside of the eyelid. Work outward along socket past the edge of the eye. Once you have a nicely defined line you can fill in the rest of the eyelid. A small amount of eyeshadow is also used under the cheek bones to give a masculine, defined look. Apply between the top of the jawline and bottom of the cheek bones. Blend it well to keep the makeup looking like a stripe across the face.

Eyeliner: Use your eyeliner just across your upper eyelash. You can take it past your outer corners to give more shape to your eyes. Then apply to the bottom lash line, from the outer corner to the middle only. Do not go all the way across, this will make your eye look smaller.

Mascara: Twist the wand in the bottle to cover the brush head (do not pump the wand in and out as it will push air into the product and make it dry out). Scrape off excess mascara from the brush head. For the top lashes, look straight forward. Starting at the base of the lashes, apply the mascara by using a side-to-side motion as you move the wand up the lashes and sweeping upward. For the bottom lashes, tilt the head down slightly to stop little black dots appearing on the cheeks from the lashes. Use the same side-to-side motion to coat the lower lashes.

Eyebrow pencil: Foundation and/or powder can lighten the eyebrows so we need to darken them so they can be seen on stage. Using your eyebrow pencil and using light strokes, fill in your brow - use sparingly, it's just to give the eyebrow volume, shape and colour.

Blush: Smile to raise the cheeks. Using your blush brush, apply a small amount of blush to the apples of the cheeks, sweeping upward and outward toward the hairline. Blend in to the line you've created with the eyeshadow brush between the jawline and cheekbone so it's a seamless transition.

Lipstick: Apply lipstick to lips and blot with a tissue to remove excess.

Tip: A cotton bud is your best friend - use it to remove mistakes and help neaten makeup on the eyebrows and/or lips