Pink Level Makeup

Beginners - Preparatory Makeup Kit

• Brushes
• Matte loose powder
• Pressed matte eyeshadow
• Matte pressed blush
• Professional Lipstick


Preparation: Start with a clean, moisturised and dry face - this will help makeup sit smoothly and evenly on the face

Powder: Take your large brush and dip it into the powder (tap the brush over the container to remove excess). Using light movements, dust the face starting with the forehead and nose and moving out toward the edges of the face and neck. Ensure you lightly dust the eyelids and ears.

Eyeshadow: Using your eyeshadow brush (the second smallest one), start at the inside of the eyelid. Work outward along socket past the edge of the eye. Once you have a nicely defined line you can fill in the rest of the eyelid. Once you have finished the eyes, use the smallest brush and eyeshadow to darken the eyebrows.

Blush: Smile to raise the cheeks. Using the large, angled brush, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, sweeping outward along the cheekbone toward the hairline.

Lipstick: Stretch lips and open mouth. Apply lipstick to bottom lip, then rub lips together to distribute to the top lip. Relax lips and fill in any gaps. Finally, blot lips with a tissue to remove excess.

Tip: A cotton bud is your best friend - use it to remove mistakes and help neaten makeup on the eyebrows and/or lips