Theatre basics


For parents and students who are new to The Academy, the thought of going through a concert can be quite overwhelming - after all, there is a lot to organise before a concert, and a lot to remember on the day. To help you, we've put together the following information to introduce you to the theatre and answer any questions you might have about it.


We recommend all parents read through this with their child (and make sure they understand what will happen on the day).


Be informed

We take great care at The Academy to keep parents informed about upcoming events through a number of channels, including this website, the monthly newsletter, posters in the entry to The Academy, on Facebook and through face-to-face communication. We understand how busy our parents are, but by reading through the information provided to you well ahead of time, it will help make your time at the theatre an enjoyable and easy one. If you are not receiving all our communication for some reason, please speak with a member at the front desk.


Theatre etiquette and rules

It's hard to imagine from the audience just how much activity happens backstage at a theatre. At The Academy, we have approximately 400 students moving around backstage warming up, preparing for their dance, on their way to stage or back to the dressing room for a quick change for their next item. The following is some important information about how to be prepared when your child performs for the first time on the big stage.


For parents:

• Each event at The Academy has its own page on this site and PDF of information - please read through this information thoroughly

• Drop off times are important! We stagger arrival times to avoid congestion backstage. Please don't be late (or early)

• ALL students need to be signed in AND signed out for safety reasons

• If your child is only in Act I or II or a performance, there is information about when to arrive/leave. Students can not leave during at Act

• While you may pack snacks/drinks, please avoid sugary drinks (water is best for hydration) and absolutely no nuts or nut product snacks please

• Given we can't secure valuables (iPhones, game consoles, etc) they shouldn't be brought backstage - colouring in books, novels, etc preferred

• Please label ALL garments your child arrives in, we end up with a lot of lost property at each concert that never gets collected

• Important: all children with anaphylaxis need to submit an allergy plan to The Academy BEFORE the concert - click here for plans


For students:

• Maintain good health, exercise and rest leading up to the concert - get a good night's sleep the night before

• When you sign in to the theatre, you will be escorted to your allocated dressing room and group coordinator

• Your coordinator will help you get changed and let you know when you need to go on stage. Make sure you follow your coordinator's instructions

• Keep the hallways backstage CLEAR AT ALL TIMES. It is narrow and there are frequent times when cast are moving to different sides for quick entries

• No talking in backstage corridor and only quiet talking in the dressing rooms

• No eating in costume unless you have a dressing gown or other covering - NO MESSY FOODS OR COLOURED DRINKS!

• Students are to sit in their allocated area when not performing

• Don't peak through the wings to those on stage. If you can see the audience, they can see you!

• If you hurt yourself at the theatre, let your coordinator know - we also have St John Ambulance people there to help too!


Checklist - what to bring to the theatre

• Water bottle

• Dressing gown or something to keep warm

• Snacks (no nuts please)

• Book and other things to keep child entertained when waiting

• Makeup and/or hair products to touch-up if required

• All dance shoes (ballet jazz & tap) to be placed in a bag (make sure they are clean with no marks - and labeled on the inside with student's name)

• Ballet tights (flesh colour) and or Jazz/Tap tights (tan colour). These are the normal ones students wear to class. If you do not have these please purchase from The Academy prior to the performance day. Please NO holes in tights for the performance


We hope the above information helps you in preparation for your event. Please note there are a lot of rules and things to remember, but it's all to ensure your child has the best experience possible at their concert.